This is the healthier food in the world.

.It makes the pressure lower,and ward of apoplexy and heart attack! -Dates have wide spectrum of health and sustenances,well therefore a great many say that it is the healthier fruit on the world.Almost it doesn’t exist disease that the dates can help to it. -Perfect source of iron *The anemic patients should eat more dates bacause they are great source of iron.Around 100 grams dates contain about 0.90m.g. iron,which is about 11 % from the recommended quotidian entry.

The iron, like a part of the hemoglobin in the red corpuscles,it appoint the payload on the oxygen in blood.At the most need of iron have childreen in puberty and expectant mothers. -It stops the diarrhoea *Dates contain potassium,who is usefull beside stoping the diarrhoea.Beside that,dates helps intestines flora as soon as possible to regenerate.With usually uptake of dates you will help to the intestines make a good bacteries. -Cure for constipation *Same as that stops the diarrhoea,dates can helps to a better and easier digestioning.All you have to do is to take a few dates in the evening,put them in a clear water.

Throughout night dates will release their juice,whom from good laxative,it will stimulate the inactive intestines. -They control the bodily weight *Because of big stake on sustenances,dates with human cause a feeling on satiety and helps with wasteing the weight.If on a empty stomach ate dates.she will regulate the work on the intesines and on the system will give the needed sugar.The dates don’t have cholesterol,but they have a lot of sugar,so of a too much uptake of dates you might to put on flesh.

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