The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Cover The Toilet Seat With Toilet Paper In A Public Bathroom.

There is a constant struggle when you need to enter a public restroom stall and that is whether you should hover or cover. No one wants to sit on the public toilet, especially when you are surrounded with any germs and lots of bacteria.

Although the thought of using the restroom is not pleasant, sometimes we need to enter. It is inevitable no matter how gross you feel.

Are you one of those people who use the entire toilet paper to put the sheets on the seat just for preventing something.

Well, you are completely wrong when doing it! It can be better if you do not put anything at all on the seat whether is toilet paper or the one handy paper seat covers which almost every bathrooms has inside. You may find this strange, but you will expose your body even more while using the toilet paper on the seat.

The toilet seat may look like a simple plastic thing, but they are made of special texture which is resistant to many bacteria. Their shape and the smoothness of this seats do not allow any germs to attach on them. If you compare it with the toilet paper, the last one has rough texture and its purpose is to absorb things, that is why it is perfect for gathering bacteria.

Another fact is that when you flush the toilet the germs will go everywhere and will fly in the air as well. Many of them are stuck on the paper roll, that is why when you lay it on the seat you will sit on them and that is a problem.


Moreover, our skin has the ability to protect us from any kind of strange bodies around us in the toilet. We have a barrier which is naturally developed and can protect us from many micro-organisms. Not only this, but because the same bacteria is inside our body do not have any effect.

According to some studies, a normal public toilet seat is cleaner than any cutting board, kitchen sink or dish sponge. If this is not a prove for you, then nothing else will be.

The one thing which you can do to avoid bacteria and germs is washing your hands really well after you used the bathroom. This means you need to lather them with soap, put them under hot or warm water and rub them for approximately 20 seconds. Make sure the area between your fingers and under your nails is clean and dry.

Try to avoid any electric hand dryers, because they can blow germs on your hands and all the washing process is for nothing. Instead, use paper towels if there are any. Another thing you need to be careful for is the door or the handle since it is full with bacteria. Try to use other parts of the body to open the door without touching it.

The best way you can use a public toilet is by hovering. It is excellent because there is no toilet paper seat and no bacteria contact plus, you get a workout. Share this information with your close people and next time be more careful!


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