EARLY SYMPTOMS OF DIABETES – This Could Be A Life-Saving Information

People have to be more attentive for the signs of diabetes, because very often this disease can go unrevealed.

The symptoms with type 2 diabetes can be very mild and can go unnoticed for a long period, while the illness creates problems on your body. In addition, the symptoms with type 1 diabetes can be severe and appear very quickly.

Rapid diagnosis of diabetes is very helpful with treatment. Noticing the disease before it starts can avoid the disease altogether.


These are the most common diabetes symptoms:

Unexplained weight loss like 10 pounds or more in a short time can be a sign that something is happening to your body.

– Cells in our body are not receiving glucose when the blood sugar levels are high because of diabetes. In this case, the body starts to break down the muscles as a substitute form of energy. This can damage the kidneys because they are functioning overtime.

If you are seeing floaters on the eyeball or have blurred vison is another frequent symptom for diabetes. The shape of the lens and the eye can be changed when the glucose in the blood is high. Do not think that the blurry vision is normal. It can be an early notice of type 2 diabetes.

– If you are dealing with diabetes, the healing process for sores or cuts may take much longer. After a while, high blood sugar can have an effect on the blood flow and trigger nerve damage, making it difficult for the body to heal wounds.

Unexplained and constant appetite increase is also one of the diabetes symptoms. that is due the insulin which does not work well in muscle, fat, and other tissues, so the pancreas starts to make problems. There is a high insulin level in the body, which makes the brain feel hunger and makes you hungry.

– Fatigue may be a result of diabetes too. When the body does not produce enough insulin, you do not have energy. It can make you more tired than usual. Besides diabetes, fatigue can be a symptom for cancer, hypothyroidism, anemia, or even depression.

Poor circulation results with numbness or pain in the feet but also can be a sign for diabetes, as a result of the damage of the nerves due to diabetes. However, numbness is never a good sign, so better you want a doctor’s opinion.

– Another common symptom is recurrent urination. If you start going to the toilet more often than months before, that is a sign you need to consult a doctor. When the blood sugar is increased due to diabetes, your body may create extra urine to eliminate it. Also, this will make you always thirsty.

Dry and itchy skin can also mean that you might have diabetes problems. Additionally, darkening of the skin around the neck or armpit area can be a diabetes symptom. This can happen because of the high blood sugar levels or by dehydration from constant urination.

– Oddly enough, but yeast infections can be a significant sign that you may be dealing with diabetes. Also, it does not affect only women. Both men and women with diabetes can deal with this. Glucose feeds yeast, so having too much of it makes yeast thrive. Besides the genitals, these infections can appear under the breasts or between the fingers and toes.

This essential and helpful information can help you get treatment faster and even stop diabetes before it happens.

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