Natural Cure For Headache: Salty Lemonade


Sudden headaches are very common among people, so they always tend to take some pill in order to relieve the pain. it is ok to take a pill once, but if your headaches appear often, and you always take a pill, they can be very damaging for your organism since they are consisted of chemicals with a strong action. Moreover, you can become addicted to these pills, and eventually, you will develop resistance to them.

The headaches are very unpleasant and they can disrupt our normal functioning.

However, you don’t have to take pill immediately you experience a headache, instead try to prepare your own pain reliever. Follow the instructions bellow and you will get natural homemade remedy with no side-effects.

Ingredients needed:

  • Filtrated but not bottled water
  • 2 lemons
  • Sea salt- one tablespoon

How to make:

First squeeze the lemon and add as much water as there is juice. After that add sea salt and ice as much as you want.

This amazing mixture is very beneficial since the sea salt contained in it has enough quantity of electrolytes and minerals to boost the energetic level, releases from pain and makes balance of the serotonin in the organism. It also improves the immunity.
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