Olive Oil – Cure For Cancer!


It was published in the journal “Molecular and Cellular Oncology” that a simple compound of the olive can eliminate cancer cells in only 30 minutes without any side effects.  A research was made by some researchers and scientists and the results were amazing.  The purpose of the research was the increase peoples awareness on how important the nutrition is for our health, and also to show that this can be very important in the fight against cancer. With this olive oil study was found a compound called oleocantha. Oleocantha effectively destroys cancer cells, and also has effect on:


Tumor Growth


Alzheimer’s Disease

Diseases related with age

There are still unknown health benefits from olive oil, but one is for sure – oleocantha can kill cancer cells in 30 minutes. The reason for this is that the enzymes from the cancer cells are used by the oleocanthal in the fight against them. The compound punctures and releases the waste from the cancer cells. This should be done as a daily routine in order to prevent cancer.

From the research is known that our overall health can be improved by eating locally, alkalizing cells, positive thinking, relaxation, dietary choices, plant – based and holistic choices. You will be surprised how the pharmaceutical companies don’t care of us and our health in order to raise their profit. All you need to do is to buy high – quality organic brand of olive oil and don’t waste your time in buying and using medicine that is chemically produced because they won’t give you any results.

In order to help other people, share this article to be widely known. Don’t forget – use only one simple product – OLIVE OIL!


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