When a doctor had shown me a blood test I was astonished. The parameters: urea, cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids and triglycerides had values over normal levels. The doctor who had showed me this explained that having the person who had these parameters should have dead already. What he had told me after left me shocked. It was his blood test.

Then he showed me another sheet analysis where the blood parameters were normal and he said this was his blood just a month after the first test was conducted. I saw the dates on both of the sheets, and he was right.
The advice he had given to me i gladly took and began using his treatment. I got great results by his treatment. I consume this once a year to balance out the blood parameters. If the blood test begins to drop a little I make sure to apply this treatment also.

You can consume this to help your overall health, mainly your blood and the best part is that its completely natural.

You can do this for your health and your blood and it is all natural. You need to buy raw pumpkin. Peel 100 g of the pumpkin and cut it into dices. Place it in the blender and add some water so it’s not so thick. Make this pumpkin- water smoothie. Consume it 15- 20 minutes before eating  breakfast. Its best to consume this smoothie once week for a one month. Make sure to make analysis before and after the treatment. This is a natural drink contains  no side effects as it is only water and pumpkin. By using pumpkin you will clean the arteries and get rid of the LDL cholesterol from the arteries throughout the urine.

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