Put Cotton in VapoRub and Place in the Ear. The Effect Is Going to Surprise You!

The Vicks VapoRub is strange and good over the counter medicine, it is unique and treats problems with vapors.

From eHow, Bridie Cavanaugh lists 3 items: menthol, eucalyptus oil and camphor. These help with congestion through inhalation. Also It is a good analgesic


There are other benefits of this too, like for:

Muscle aches

Massage the area that hurts and wrap a dry and warm towel over it.

Ear pain

This is due to some ear infection or a cold. But the pain is really strong and impairs the sleep too. Use the Vicks for soothing so just get cotton ball, dip it in the Vicks and place it in the ear to sit for the night.


For common headaches; put some Vicks on the temples. For the sinus headache, put ointment under the nostrils and breathe deep.

Cracked heels

For soft feet, put Vicks at night with massaging. Leave it for the night and in the morning. Then rinse with warm water and use pumice stone.

Cuts and bruises

For faster healing processes, apply it around the cuts and avoid directly to the open serious wounds. For a bruise, apply thin Vicks layer and salt. This will improve blood flow.

Toenail fungi

Rub the VapoRub few times per day on these areas for a few weeks or months.

Animals at bay

To prevent scratches from pets on the doors or furniture, dab whenever you need the Vicks.

No bugs

For relieve of bugs and bug bites, put Vicks on the skin and clothes.


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