How To Stop Serious Bleeding In Just 10 Seconds!


It can be pretty easy to treat or it can be even potentially life threatening if you or someone in your home has ended up with a bleeding wound.

Still, there’s one trick that Native Americans have used for thousands of years whether you find yourself wanting to plug a cut or need to slow down bleeding while doctors get to you.

They put Cayenne pepper on their wounds. It may not be in your medicine cabinet, but Cayenne surely is in your spice cabinet now. Cayenne is a great addition to any first aid kit for backpackers, campers, or even just at home!

It can be easily used for external wounds. Just apply the powder directly to your cut or laceration. The bleeding should stop shortly after.

If your wound is larger than just a minor scrape or cut, a teaspoon of cayenne powder mixed in a glass of water taken orally can help slow the bleeding. The spice is a styptic, meaning it stops bleeding when applied to a wound and helps the blood clot when taken orally.
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