Shocking! A mixture Of Castor Oil And Baking Soda Have The Ability To Cure More Than 24 Health Problems!


A recent time ago people finally began with accepting the incredible characteristics that alternative medicines offer to them, because these medicines have been helpful and useful to people for a long time ago already, back in the past they have been used. A type of this medicine the combination of thee baking soda and the castor oil, which have the ability of healing over 24 every day health diseases, as well as it gives an excellent proof about the amazing effects the natural medicines have.

The castor oil may be used for a several various diseases and conditions. Especially in situations when the prescribed medicines cannot solve the problem. This oil has positive effects on the circulation of the blood. This is what it points out that the oil is extremely good and full with benefits. And like this it may be useful as a coating. In order to prepare the coating, all you need to have is cold pressed a towel, castor oil, clean gauze, plastic foil and a bottle of warm water

Before putting the oil

Before putting the oil, remember that you have the obligation to make yourself completely assured that the part of the body where you want to put the coating is completely neat and clean by preparing. And then using to clean the part with a combination of baking soda and water. After that, feel free to pour the oil in a pot and place it on the oven in order to heat it. Put the gauze in it and then finally you may place it on the skin. After that process, you have to put over the part which is affected with plastic foil. As well as to place the bottle of warm water onto the same part of the body.

Finally, get ready to wrap all of that with a towel and leave it like that for approximately an hour, this is necessary because this coating needs time to begin producing its effects.

You will repeat this process in the next 40 days, but you will have to use different coating every single time, due to the fact that the coating turns around its color and also it has an ugly smell. Dr. William A. McGarey has pointed out that the fact that castor oil it is known for its benefits in situations for curing these diseases and conditions.

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